Our Programs

Our club provides educational, inspirational, and professional support to our members through a variety of workshops, guest speakers, and community-building events.  Learn more about these programs and what it means to be a member of Women in Business here!

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Women in Business members embody a wide range of experiences, from having completed multiple co-ops to being in their first semester of college. Our workshops aim to inform and support the personal and professional growth of our members, no matter their skill level. Workshops are led by our experienced members or professionals who kindly volunteer their time to help us learn. Some of our recent workshops have included personal finance, resume-building, Excel learning sessions, Tableau tutorials, and many more. 
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Speaker Events

We draw inspiration from incredible alumni and womxn in the business community through our guest speaker events. We have two tiers of speaker events: Smart Seminars and Executive Speaker events. These events aim to inspire and motivate our members, and we are honored that these incredible womxn offer their time to share their stories with us.  

Smart Seminars 

Smart Seminars are small group conversations with recent alumni in which members can ask questions and discuss experiences with young professionals who can easily relate to the current student experience. This year we have have welcomed speakers such as Liz Flavin, Katie Masterson, and Erika Smitten.  

Executive Speakers

 Executive Speaker events are larger events that center around a single executive speaker who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in her field. Recent guest have included Meghan Schlam, Hasanna Birdsong, Megan Marini, and Linda Ugelow.

Food trays in front of WIB poster
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Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program pairs our members who have completed at least one co-op with younger members. These experienced members help provide guidance through everything, from finding the best place to eat on campus to searching and interviewing for a co-op. This program launched in Fall 2019 and has since grown to include over 100 members as of Fall 2020. 

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